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ayder zipline

Zipline, which is one of the most favorite activities of the regions known especially for its natural beauty, will be the most beautiful event that can be done in and around Ayder Plateau.

Ayder Plateau is a magnificent nature, with a thousand tones of green, surrounded by the most beautiful of flowers, most special of trees. Being in this region is like being in a different world, in a dream.

To get into the real sense of this dream, Zipline is one of the things you can try. You can make a nature walk with Trekking and go deep into nature, you can scout with high adrenalin by Jeep Safari, and then you can be a bird and swing in the sky with Zipline.

Even though it is an activity with high adrenaline, Zipline can be considered as the most important activity for Ayder Plateau. You have to watch the beauty of nature by swinging in the space, you have to join this magnificent atmosphere with the wind blowing your face. 

The travel you make on Ayder Plateau will contribute you a lot and will increase your life energy. Seeing the beauty of the life, furthermore catching this magic so close, will make you more positive. So you can go on this journey with your friends or family and leave a good moment for the future.

It is our job to provide you comfort during your journey. Ayder hotels offer highly qualified alternatives for those who stay in the region. We give you the opportunity to stay in traditional wooden buildings, and help you to be closely acquainted with the region with our sincerity. We organize the many activities for this. 

Zipline is just one of the activities performed within the body of our hotel. You can get detailed information from our hotel authorities before involving in this exciting and entertaining activity. We are proud to be there for you to enjoy this pleasure and we would like to make it easier for you.

You can also choose to involce in other activities we organize for discovering Ayder Plateau. In addition to a peaceful journey like Trekking, you can take a fun journey with the Jeep Safari. We are distinguished by our sincerity among Ayder hotels and we are pleased to welcome you.

What about planning your journey right now? Moreover, Ayder Plateau and its surroundings are such a unique beauty and heavenly nature that we are sure that you will find yourself here again.  



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