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Ayder Plateau has such a magical nature and so vibrant colors that you need to be in contact with nature in order to take part in this magic. This region where you can see every tone of vibrant green will make you feel like you live. Here you will be able to breathe deeper and meet the fascinating face of nature that you have never seen. Trekking will be the most beautiful way of this meeting. So with nature walk...

This event, which we can define as a group walk in nature, is one of the things you absolutely have to do on Ayder Plateau. This activity, which will be realized by bringing together those who are curious about the region and felt under its spell like you, will be one of your most special memories. 
Ayder hotels gives the visitors the chance to have a good time with the special activities with all the beauties of the region. Trekking is one of the most special activities our hotel offers.

The walks carried out in the region accompanied by the guides, will make you to be able to recognize the characteristics of the region and Ayder Plateau closely. It is possible for your walks to be carried out smoothly with adequate water and food supply.

In the end, a nature walk which is a pleasant and tiring as it is realized. It is very easy for you to be part of these walks. You can get to know Ayder Plateau much more closely by meeting with the authorities of our hotel. Not to mention the beauties you will encounter in this journey. 

Moreover, it should be noted that it is possible to do Trekking almost every day. Trekking can be done in all seasons under normal conditions and can be organized in different lengths and difficulty levels according to the conditions. However, Trekking may not be possible in exceptional cases. So this means that you will find Trekking opportunities in any season you visit the region.

You will leave the region with great satisfaction and an inseparable connection with Ayder, like everyone who visits our hotel. We are sure that this magnificent natural beauty will call you back. You can organize your first journey immediately without being late for it.

Are you ready to explore Ayder Plateau with trekking and much more? We are ready and waiting to accompany you on this journey.



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