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Jeep Safari

ayder jeep safari

Ayder Plateau, Storm Valley, Çamlıhemşin and much more...

Too many places, too much beauty to see in this area. The best way to see all of them will be trying different alternatives.
Not every area can be recognized with Trekking. Sometimes you may need more adrenaline to enjoy the region. Jeep Safari for instance! You can navigate with Jeep where you can't walk, see, and explore, you can take a trip at the Black Sea with a high level of adrenaline.

You can see the Storm Valley and many more points in this way more pleasantly. 

It must not be forgotten that walking on every point requires a lot of tenacity. Although the joy and beauty of nature walking on the Ayder Plateau is completely different, the Jeep Safari will be a better choice to explore some areas.

You can get detailed information about this from our hotel authorities. You can get detailed information about the activities organized, you can also be included in Jeep Safari if you want. You will come across the Black Sea's face that you have never seen, and will have a great pleasure in this discovery.

On the other side, you can meet new friends and can be involved in similar activities with a team of curious-minded people like you. The Jeep Safari will be an extremely entertaining journey, being an occasional high pulsed activity.

You will be able to reach the unreachable areas of Ayder Plateau and its surroundings this way and make an unforgettable journey. 
You can also get involved to other activities available at our hotel, in addition to the Jeep Safari. It will be sufficient for you to contact our authorities for this. You can get detailed information about each activity and be involved in collecting unforgettable memories.

Our facility known for providing the most exclusive and quality service among Ayder hotels will give you pleasant memories, an unforgettable journey and many new friends.
You need to decide quickly for this and go on this journey with your loved ones, friends or family. We are sure that it will not be easy to drift away from the Ayder Plateau and this beautiful nature will call you back here.



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